Will the cheaper iPhone finally come with 5G?



Apple introduced it in 2016 and in 2020: the iPhone SE. Although SE stands for Special Edition, it is not a more luxurious model, but a cheaper variant. They are popular devices among people who do not have huge amounts for their smartphone. Another one is coming: according to Bloomberg, there will be a new iPhone SE in March, with 5G. And it will come in March.

iPhone SE 5G
The device is not a variant of the iPhone 13, but a new variant of the previous iPhone SE (the one from 2020), Bloomberg writes. For example, it has a better camera and a faster processor, but those are pretty standard things for a new smartphone. More interestingly, the phone includes 5G support. That’s not new for iPhones, because iPhone 12 from 2020 was the first to do so. However, no budget variants have yet appeared with support from this network and according to sources that will change in March.

Then Apple would come with the new iPhone SE 5G. It looks like two drops of water on its SE predecessor from 2020. Apple is also planning to launch a new budget variant of the iPad Air. This would also get a better processor and 5G support and is a successor to this type of iPad from 2020. There is even a chance that the new Mac that Apple is working on (with Apple’s self-designed chip) will be announced in March.

Face ID for mouth caps
That iPad and that iPhone would get a Face ID function that can even read your face if you wear a face mask. That is very nice, because because of corona we regularly wear a mouth cap and it is not possible to properly unlock your iPhone with Face ID. Logical too, because half of your face is covered. Still, Apple would have found a method that is safe enough to also use with the mask on.

Furthermore, information about the new Apple products remains scarce, if what Bloomberg says is correct at all. We don’t know yet what the cost per device will be or what release date will depend on it. Apple would like to make an announcement around March 8. It has not yet made any official announcements about a potential new iPhone model, let alone an iPad or iMac. The cheapest iPhone SE 2020 cost 489 euros at release, so we are probably looking at a price of about the same for the iPhone.

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