​The Tinder Swindler on Netflix: catfishing as a top sport


If you met someone on Tinder, would you just borrow them $50,000? Maybe not just after the match, but what if you’ve already met him a few times, he also flew you over for a date and everything around his person seems very real. It looks like a story from a feature film, but a “diamond dealer” on Tinder was so good at catfishing that he lived an amazing jet-set life without clocking in a single minute in the office.

Simon Leviev
Simon Leviev always walks around with a bodyguard’s wardrobe, because he deals in diamonds and his job is dangerous. He presents himself with his designer clothes as a man of prestige and many interesting business contacts. Tall trees catch a lot of wind, and the best man has plenty of enemies. But yes, if your first date starts in a five-star hotel, then of course you go completely into that pomp and circumstance.

The ins and outs of Tinder con man Simon Leviev (who has nothing to do with the real-life, wealthy Israeli Leviev family) is beautifully charted in the new documentary on Netflix: The Tinder Swindler. In it, Norwegian Cecile Fjellhoy tells her special story about the first time she saw Simon, on the dating app Tinder, and how their love affair turned from a fairy tale about a rich prince and his princess to a horror story with blood, violence and money problems.

The Tinder Swindler
If you know what a swindler is, this won’t be a spoiler for you: Leviev is a freeloader. Sometimes he would date a woman for up to a year and a half and then steal all her money like a leech. Exactly how he works and how those women went so far with this is recorded in The Tinder Swindler: a wonderful new Netflix documentary from the makers of Don’t F**k with Cats. Even the Dutch Ayleen tells her story, which also takes a special turn.

That Simon, he wasn’t stupid. He didn’t have a job, but he did have a very good memory. She says, “He remembered every detail.” That’s pretty clever if you scam many people at the same time, although he appears to be sending the exact same words and sentences to his victims at the same time. Although Netflix has made this documentary completely ‘des Netflix’ again and the bizarre meter continues to rise, while the women dare to tell their story in full in the picture, you would almost forget that there is also a lot of sadness behind the havoc that the best man has caused. leaves behind.

Must see on Netflix
The worst might not even be the wastage: it’s the fear. The women have become paranoid and have a hard time trusting people. Since Simon always talks about his ‘enemies’, you would think that you yourself would be the target of such an enemy. So always look back. And especially now that they are featured in this documentary, they are probably also recognized on the street.

Even if you don’t understand at all how someone spends more than a ton on such a lap girl of a man, you have to realize that these women are not only telling this story for themselves and their cause, but also to protect other people from it with this man to go into business, or as a warning to other scammers. Even though these women are now probably constantly recognized and addressed on the street: they do that for others and that makes it extra courageous that they participate in The Tinder Swindler. This documentary is definitely one of the first must-sees on Netflix in 2022.

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