Will the cheaper iPhone finally come with 5G?

  Apple introduced it in 2016 and in 2020: the iPhone SE. Although SE stands for Special Edition, it is not a more luxurious model, but a cheaper variant. They are popular devices among people who do not have huge amounts for their smartphone. Another one is coming: according to Bloomberg, there will be a […]

​The Tinder Swindler on Netflix: catfishing as a top sport

If you met someone on Tinder, would you just borrow them $50,000? Maybe not just after the match, but what if you’ve already met him a few times, he also flew you over for a date and everything around his person seems very real. It looks like a story from a feature film, but a […]

Police dogs can also track smartphones and SIM cards

When you think of police dogs, you quickly think of ‘Kill and attack’, men in those big suits and criminals who are worked on the ground by a dog in a forest. However, these animals can now do much more than just track down people. Your tech can easily find them by nose. Kill and […]