Keen 6 Hints

There is a secret area in Level 1 (The Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket). To get there, go to the right of the screen, and jump up and right. Use the jump and secret cheats to find this easily. The God cheat may also be useful if playing in hard mode, to get past Babobba. You will then be led to an underground tunnel filled with goodies. You can leave this area through the exit at the bottom of the tunnel. 

Once you have taken the Bloog’s rocket to get to the second part of the game, go past the last level (The Bloog Control center ) and wait. A satellite-type craft will take you to the secret level.

In this secret level (The Bloog Lab Space Station ), the entire Standard Galactic Alphabet is displayed. To find it, go to where the platform that takes you to the exit is. Jump up and right and you will fall through a tunnel which takes you to the alphabet and some goodies. Flicking the switch causes a moving platform to take you back to the main playing area.

The letters in SGA above or near the switches tells you whether it should be up or down. This is useful in case you cannot remember if have already flicked it or not.

There is a mirror in the Second Dome of Darkness . To get to it, use the no clippings cheat while jumping up and right. Save the game, then return to it, and you should be in a dark area beyond ‘blocks’. Use the no clippings cheat again to get below the platform of blocks and you should see a mirror with the letters ‘ICU’ above them. At least I can’t see it myself, but others have.

In BloogFoods Inc. the book at the end of the level near the sandwich reads ‘To Serve Man’, which is a reference to a science fiction book.