Islam’s Two Holiest Sites

Islam is dated to come into existence nearly fourteen centuries ago. After its universal recognition as a religious movement, Islam has estimated followers of over 1.5 billion people across the globe. The religion pays holy tribute to the land and recognizes land as a high valued property according to religious principles. The Islamic faith is based on strict fundamentals. According to such Islamic beliefs, two cities are recognized as the two most holy sites of the Islamic faith. So which are these two sites? The sacred cities of Mecca and Medina are observed with absolute importance and are strictly off limits to non-Muslims. Each said holy site contains one of the holiest mosques according to Islamic beliefs. Islamic followers all across the globe travel to such sacred sites to pay tribute to the prophet and believe that one prayer in these holy sites is equivalent to a hundred thousand prayers from anywhere outside the sacred places.


According to Islam, the city of Mecca plays a tremendous amount of importance in every Muslim’s life. Their faith believes and stresses the importance that every follower of Islamic faith must visit and pay homage to the holy site of Mecca. Islamic principles and history explicitly consider Mecca is the prime holy site as it is believed to be the birthplace of the great prophet Mohammed. Moreover, the sacred black stone, Kabaa is located in Mecca. Kabaa is said to be built by the holy prophet Abraham along with his son, Ishmael. Mecca hosts the ultimate destination of pilgrimage commonly known as Hajj. Prophet Mohammed alongside his Muslim brethren fought and captured the city of Mecca proclaiming it to as the first site of Islamic dominance.



Another site of Islamic significance is Medina. The holy place of Medina is located in the nation of Saudi Arabia. After Gabriel revealed various revelations to Prophet Mohammed in caves located exterior of Mecca, the Prophet retreated to Medina and called it his new hometown after his real hometown treated his visions and beliefs with violence and hostility. Medina is believed to be the site where the roots of Islamic faith grew widespread and took strong presence. In addition to its Medina’s significance, the tombs of the Prophet Mohammed along with other crucial caliphs are believed to be situated here.